1962    Starting construction of the factory  

1963    First diodes manufactured

1965    First transistors manufactured

1969    Mass production of IC s started

1971    RPC “Integral” amalgamated

1973    First electronic watches made

1974    Order of October Revolution is awarded for design and manufacture of instruments for space exploration

1977    Manufacture of first memory IC

1978    Manufacture of first microprocessor

1981    Order of Lenin is awarded for design and manufacture of electronic units for Sky Lab terrestrial system

1982    Manufacture of ALS Logic IC

1988    Manufacture of first lap-tops

1990    Phone IC

1992    Bank and market/shop electronic device

1992    First telephone set

1993    Calculator IC

1994    Logic IC of HC/HCT, AC/ACT, 4000B series

1995    IC for one-PCB TV sets of the 6th generation

1998    Smart credit cards

1999    Quality Assurance System is certified for conformance to the requirements of National Standards and International Standards ISO 9001

2000    Sophisticated VLSI for domestic electronic applications

2001    Development of fast and ultra-fast diodes (FRD and UFRD)

2001    Mastering of special IC s for automotive electronics

2002    Development of IC s for ILA8842 TV processor

2003    Establishment of Integral’s offices in China and India

2005    MOSFET type power field-effect transistors mass production start up

2005   VLSI development for “BelKa” satellite

2006   0.5 μm IC mass production start up

2007   0.35 μm LSI development

2007    Starting production of sophisticated products for medical equipment 


2008    0.35 μm LSI development

2008   Starting  production  of  sophisticated products for medical equipment 

2010   Foundation «INTEGRAL»  JSC  

2011   Five 0.35 μmproducts were implemented: IN1307, IN1356 - real time clock IC,IZ1325 - high-precision temperature compensatedreal time clock IC,
IZ8563 – CMOS LSI for RAM timer with I2C bus control, IZ2009 - IC for authentication systems with single-wire interface with EEPROM block which are being manufactured as commercial lots.

2011   Products to the amount of USD 4.5 million were manufactured and shipped by the submicron fab

2012   In frames of “BKA” program, manufactured  microassemblies and IC assemblies of photosensitive CCD  devices for remote sensing satellites

2013   On June 14, 2013, the Ministry of Economy entered “INTEGRAL” Holding into the Public Register of holdings #62

2013   Completion of the design of nonvolatile 1M (128Kx8) FRAM memory

2014   There has been developed and launched into mass production a 16 Mbit CMOS RAM multi-chip module. A set of the 5584-series ICs, 23 types, for space applications has been developed and put into series production. A mobile artificial lung ventilation apparatus has been developed. 

2015   K1643RA014 SRAM IC with the capacity of 1 Mb (128Kx8) manufactured under "silicon on insulator" technology. Software and hardware for identification of reinforced concrete structures. LED lighting system for poultry farms with "sunrise-day-sunset" function. A series of near infrared silicon avalanche photodiodes. A set of multiplex switches for cooled and uncooled photodetectors.  

2016   IC for a programmable digital thermometers with EEPROM and serial interface. SRAM IC with an information capacity of 4Mbits (512Kb x 8, 256Kb x 16, 12Kb x 32).  PS converter IC with LVDS transmitter.  LVDS receiver IC with PS converter.
The 2016 State Prize in the field of Science and Technology was awarded.

2017   Digital temperature sensor IC for industrial environment. Sets of 3 V and 5 V Manchester code interface transceivers in micro-packages for telecommunication systems. 

2018   Development of a set of power supply supervisor ICs with two fixed channels and one configurable channel; a set of power supply supervisor ICs with built-in manual reset and watchdog functions; a 1Mbit single electrically programmable ROM IC with 3.0-3.6V power supply, resistant to special externally acting factors. 

2019   Development of application-specific digital temperature sensor IC with "1-Wire" type interface in metal-ceramic package; low-voltage high-speed transceivers of  RS 485/422 interface (full duplex), resistant to special externally acting factors; sixteen-bit bidirectional transceiver IC with level conversion capability; measuring operational amplifier IC, resistant to special externally acting factors; 12-bit eight-channel ADC IC with SPI interface.   


2021   Development of a series of microcircuits (12 t/n) for the implementation of high-speed data communication links using LVDS standard.